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When you’re walking a path that’s anything but linear, Retrograide is a space to BE. A space to heal. A space for your you-est you in all of its authentic, curious, witchy glory.

Introducing 444 Alchemy
Handcrafted by Retrograide Chief Alchemist, Jess Edelstein at 444 N 4th St

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We’re all using hand sanitizer more frequently t We’re all using hand sanitizer more frequently these days. What if yours cleaned more than just your hands and smelled amazing to boot? ⠀ The 444 Alchemy Cleansing Sprays are alcohol-based hand sanitizers packed with skin nourishing ingredients - and they double as an energy cleansing aura mist 🥰✨ ⠀ Aromatherapy, crystal energy, and Reiki are powerful tools for shifting the energy of a space (AKA: how you feel in it). And they’re all packed inside these 2oz glass spray bottles! ⠀ I just added two brand new offerings to the site (link in bio): ⠀ COOL DOWN BLEND: ⠀ Grounding and cooling vibes. Made with Peppermint, Cedarwood, and Lavender essential oils with black tourmaline crystal at the bottom and a little sparkle to make you smile as you plant you feet on the ground 😋 ⠀ and - ohmgosh I’m so excited to announce this one - ⠀ VENUSIAN GODDESS BLEND ⠀ Last week, my friend, teacher & coach @daniellemercurio led a really yummy breathwork and journey meditation experience for the Venus Retrograde (May 15-June 25). Venus retrograde is a potent time for self care, re-assessing what you value in relationships, and divine feminine inner work. #embracetheretrograde ⠀ Danielle had us swimming in cleansing pink pool of water, and that imagery inspired this blend💡 ⠀ The next day, I went into my lab at 444 N 4th St and rummaged through my raw materials as I wondered how to make a pink cleansing spray naturally. Aha! Given the right pH, Butterfly Pea Flower is violet AF 💗 A couple iterations later, the Venusian Goddess Cleansing Spray was born, and Danielle and I geeked out over the amazing inci name for this flower - Clitoria Ternatea 💋 ⠀ This blend smells like sweet spring flowers - ylang ylang, geranium, lavender, and a hint of spice with some ginger - mmm! Plus peridot gemstones at the bottom to bring in some love, luck, and big heart energy to whomever is spraying it ✨ ⠀ You can find these sprays (plus other blends) for $15 at ⠀ For Memorial Day Weekend, I’m including a free gift with every order 💎 ⠀ TYFB! 💜Jess ⠀ #venusretrograde #retrograide #thankyouforbeing #memorialdayspecual #smallbusiness #artisanhandsanitizer #madeinphilly #smallbusiness
Practicing this quick and easy breath practice can Practicing this quick and easy breath practice can change your life. ⠀ It acts as a nervous system reset that only takes 64 seconds for a full set. Even just 16 seconds for one cycle is extremely calming! ⠀ This breath is really helpful to bring you back into your body especially if you’re prone to walking through life like a floating head that over-thinks about everything except the body underneath of it and the present moment. 😳🙋🏻‍♀️ ⠀ I try to practice box breathing several times throughout the day: before reacting to something triggering on social media, before starting a new task or a longer meditation practice, at night if I can’t sleep, and whenever I notice my mind racing. ⠀ The trick is getting the in-breath as deep into your belly as you can to activate “rest and digest” mode in your nervous system. Holding the breath at the top of your lungs can actually keep you in “fight or flight”, which so many people do without noticing! Try placing one hand over your heart and the other over your low belly while you do this and pay attention to the flow of air. It gets easier with practice, I promise! ⠀ Have you tried box breathing? ⠀ #TYFB #thankyouforbeing #retrograide #boxbreathing #squarebreathing #boxbreath #breathpractice #vagusnerve #vagaltone #vagaltoning #practice ⠀
Introducing: Limited Edition Sexy Money Goddess Sa Introducing: Limited Edition Sexy Money Goddess Sanitize and Re-Set Bundle ☀️ ⠀ Meg of @unamournouveau and I teamed up to donate 100% of the proceeds to COVID Arts Aid PHL. ⠀ Meg is the Philly-based Artist Witch behind the Sexy Money Goddess oil blend with an obsessed cult following. ⠀ To some, it smells like liquid gold feels 💛 ⠀ Others insist that a single whiff is a one way ticket to visualizations of their best, most empowered goddess selves 🧡 ⠀ And yes, those are reiki infused carnelian gemstones in the bottle 💛🧡💛 ⠀ ✨ Only 6 sets available! Shop @ the link in bio ✨ ⠀ TYFB! -Jess ⠀ #sexymoneygoddess #venusretrograide #treatyourself #giveback #shoplocal #phillymakers #COVIDartsaidPHL #retrograide #unamournouveau

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate”
– C.G. Jung

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Retrograide’s brick and mortar boutique is packed with practical and mystical self-care tools to support your journey of self-healing, inward discovery, and self-actualization. Select items online now shipping across the US.

Retrograide is currently donating 11% of website sale proceeds to Physiology First and its B.R.E.A.T.H.E Coalition, a nonprofit dedicated to teaching the science of stress and anxiety management to students while fighting for a nation-wide mental health education curriculum in our schools.

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Ever wonder what color your aura is today? Discover your dynamic, ever-changing aura at Retrograide. Each interactive biofeedback session comes with a photo print out and interpretation guide. Learn more about aura photograpy and schedule here. Walk-ins welcome!

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